Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mundane Delirium (A Collaborative Senior Recital- video recording)

This is a recording of my collaborative, interdisciplinary senior recital on October 22nd in the CFA Concert Hall at Boston University

This collection of ten songs shows an internal voyage. I believe a musician is a vessel and messenger for social change. In a time where many of us feel helpless and numbed by how much violence is happening on a global level towards specific religious groups, races, sexual orientations, and cultures, I want to show that the psychological trauma and turmoil a human being feels is reflected in our mundane world and that in order for us to rest our mundane delirium we must heal from the inside out. We are microcosms and mirrors of our big picture reality.

Anaís Azul // Voice, Piano, Melodica
Aubrey Dube // Voice
David Baylies // Trumpet
Grace Wingler // Voice, Piano
Jamal Fairbanks // Piano, Guitar
Laura Hairgrove Randall // Flute
Lauren Extrom // Voice
Luke Bergamini //Electric Bass
Marisa Giangregorio // Clarinet
Nicolette Mingles // Voice
Sasha Buettner // Viola
Tae’Shaona Matthews // Voice
Yui Kitamura // Voice

Thursday, May 5, 2016

BU Today Video: Anais Azul- The Music Maker // Article: Taking Note

Read article about Azul's compositional goals along as an undergraduate student at Boston University by clicking here.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Equal, 2 versions

Performed at the Harriet E. Richard Cooperative House in April 2016

Here is an orchestrated version I wrote for unspecified instrumentation performed by the Boston University School of Music's new music ensemble called Time's Arrow.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ver (seeing) - Live improvised poem and melody

Lyric translation:

Sometimes I can't open my eyes
It's because I cannot face reality
Seeing you look at me is more than what I can stand
Seeing you look at me keeps me from breathing

Seeing myself inside
and imagining the sky
makes everything infinite
and makes life be a rite

Sometimes opening my eyes weighs me down
But it is worth looking in the few moments that life gives us

Seeing you see me is seeing