Saturday, November 17, 2012

(In)Tensions- String Quartet

(In)Tensions-String Quartet by Anais Azul

This is a String Quartet about tension and release. About resolving the unresolvable. It is based on a scale I created and expands it to create visual spaces. It was performed November 17th in the John Adams Young Composers Program concert along with other original works of young composers.

Below is a video of the live performance of the piece.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cello Trilogy of Time: electroacoustic piece for cello and electronics

Cello Trilogy of Time: electroacoustic piece for cello and electronics                         

“Cello Trilogy of Time” is my first ever electro acoustic composition. It consists of 3 movements that embody characteristics in the human perception of time. The first one, “Forgetting”, represents a thing that haunts me. We try so hard to forget things and then we get mad and frustrated when we realize that it’s something that will always be with us. The second movement is “Remembering”, which happens after I forget of an event in my life. It can be melancholic to remember the past and it can also make you happy. Remembering is a time of longing. The third movement is called “Now” because after we live in the past and think that the future will never be the same, we realize that we need to live in the present, even when remembering and forgetting makes you itch.

The "Forgetting" Movement is featured in the video below

La Región más †ransparente from Arte Susana on Vimeo.

Below is a video of a live performance by Kathryn Bates Williams (from Del Sol String Quartet) of the Cello Trilogy of Time.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Omni- Piano Solo

Omni- Piano Solo by Anais Azul

The piece is based on an improvisation I made when something came over me. I felt like something beyond my consciousness came to my fingers and left me in a trance playing this piece, which I found about a month later recorded on my keyboard. After listening to it, I transcribed it by ear in order to be able to provoke the feeling of something beyond consciousness to myself and every listener.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Minor Waltz- Art Experiment Piece

Minor Waltz by Anais Azul

I composed this piece as a part of a collection of three waltz pieces for a visual art experiment to see if this song in a minor key would affect what the viewer saw in the image (a photograph I took) differently than a happier song in a major key. It indeed made a big difference. People Associated the sad song with melancholy and how the subject of the image lost hope or has fallen, rather than the subject of the photo rising when the piece in a major key was played. Below is an image of that experiment. The viewers wrote down their comments  on a circular piece of paper and hooked them onto a giant staff. Each musical piece had a corresponding color of paper so I could collect my information more easily and to make it more visual